Eva Stenram / Drape

Posted by The following text I found at her website: Drape uses vintage pin-up photographs as its source material. These photographs (mainly from the 1950s and 60s) depict women that are posed in interior (semi-) domestic sets in front of curtains or drapes. After scanning the source images, Stenram digitally extended the curtains or drapes in order to partially obscure the women. The curtain vacillates between striptease-drape and blind or shutter. The background, meanwhile, envelopes the focal point and the foreground slips into the background. The pictures in Drape make no attempt to look ‘real’. Sections of the images are blurred that would normally be in focus; the gaze of the viewer is deflected and redirected, putting an overlooked part of the image in the spotlight. However, the presence of the model still teases the viewer into scrutinizing the picture. The square images all derive from original medium format negatives; the rest of the (rectangular) images are derived from the 1960s men’s magazine Cavalcade and retain their original size and layout in relation to the magazine page, with blank areas standing in for excised text. PHOTOGRAPHY: Eva Stenram