Boris / Savelev

Posted by 1. Boris Savelev, Red Square Girls, 1981, Moscow, © Boris Savelev, courtesy Michael Hoppen Contemporary, 2. Boris Savelev, Red Girl, 1987, Czernowitz, © Boris Savelev, courtesy Michael Hoppen Contemporary. Text via Michael Hoppen Contemporary, find the link here. Images via Arttattler. Boris Savelev was born in Chernovitz in 1947 and moved to Moscow in 1966. He is a graduate of the Institute of Aeronautics and joined the Moscow photography Club Novator in 1970. Boris began his interest in photography in 1963. Since 1982, he has worked on a freelance basis for publishing houses in the USSR and abroad. He became a full time photographer since 1982 and has had numerous exhibitions worldwide. He is one of the best known photographers working in Russia today. Savelev’s work is about light and form -not people, but his images retain a peculiarly Russian sensibility. Presently, Savelev works exclusively on his own projects. He uses a range of cameras, preferring the Leica M3 with a 50mm lens. Boris prints all his photos himself, using traditional and alternative (platinum, gum-bichromate) techniques. PHOTOGRAPHY: Boris Savelev